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Invest Intelligently with Financial Technology

Invest Intelligently with FinThink AI.

Be in the Know with FinThink Research.

Our Artificial Intelligence tools accurately forecast Stock Prices and Measure Downside Risk.

Our research database consists of relevant investments in the Stock, Crypto, and NFT Markets.

Access Anywhere. Cancel Anytime.

Full Transparency. No Hidden Fees. No Contracts.

Invest $49.95 a month to make more than $49.95 a month.

If you do not make money from being a member, cancel in two clicks.


FinThink is a cloud based SAAS FinTech (Financial Technology) start-up focusing on producing a suite of easy-to-use investment applications. Investment Forecasting AI, Market Sentiment Analyzer AI, Market Interest Aggregator, Risk Management Algorithm, and Trading Algorithms that help retail investors invest intelligently in the Stock, Crypto, and NFT markets.


FinThink AI provides Machine Learning Models and Algorithms that Forecast Asset Prices, Analyze Market Sentiment, Aggregates Market Interest, and Manage Risk.

FinThink Research produces quaterly research on seventy company profiles covering Stocks, Crypto, and NFT projects.

FinThink Capital provides a Stock and Crypto Algorithmic Trading Plug-In and Real Estate Fund Management.


FinThink AI's Deep Learning Model forecasts stock prices with over a 90% accuracy score, and Manages Risk with up to 99% accuracy.

For $49.95 a month, FinThink covers Crypto Assets, Equities, and NFTs. Invest $49.95 a month and make hundreds or thousands back from the investments you will make from our Financial Research and Artificial Intelligence - Financial Technology tools.

As a member you get our research that is backed by knowledge and over a decade of experience, Artificial Intelligence Technology, and Risk Management & Trading Algorithms.



Democratizing Investing for All

Equities, Crypto, and NFTs Research and Artificial Intelligence for $49.95 a month

Elevate Your Investments with FinThink AI: Unlock Smart Stock and Crypto Strategies

Transform Your Investments with FinThink Research: Access Our In-Depth Research

AI-Powered Predictions: Know Where Stocks Are Heading 30 Days Ahead

Mitigate Risks with Data: Our Market Risk VAR Algorithm Reveals Your Loss Levels

Be Prepared for the Unpredictable: Calculate Expected Shortfall and Maximum Loss

Your First Week Free

We invite you to experience the transformative capabilities of FinThink Research and our cutting-edge FinThink AI technology, absolutely free for the first 7 days.

Gain a unique perspective on equities, cryptocurrencies, NFTs with FinThink Research.

With FinThink AI's machine learning predictions boasting an accuracy of over 90%, you'll be equipped to anticipate market movements like never before. Take advantage of this exclusive opportunity to harness the power of informed decision-making. Try FinThink Research and AI free for the first 7 days and unlock the future of your investments today.

Cancel before 7-days and you will not be charged.

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