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Access FinThink's monthly subscription, which includes investment research and AI-driven stock forecasting. Try our 7-day free trial.

  • FinThink Research covers 20 crypto projects, 20 NFT projects, and 30 publicly traded companies.
  • FinThink AI is a Stock Forecasting Deep Learning Model, NLP Market Sentiment Decoder, Market Interest Aggregator, Risk Management Engine, and Trading Algorithm.
  • Deep Learning Model: AI-Model that anticipates market movements 30 days ahead with unprecedented precision.
  • Market Sentiment Model: AI-Model that makes investment decisions based on thousands of articles, not tens of articles.
  • Market Interest Aggregator: Algorithm that forecasts asset prices based on real-time trends. Be aware of current trends and invest by anticipating growing market trends.
  • Market Risk Engine: Quantifies Statistics-Driven Exit Levels of 1%, 2.5%, 5%, 2 STD 95%, 3 STD 99%, and the unpredictable but quantifiable 1% Black Swan Event containing Expected Shortfall and Maximum Loss.
  • Trading Algorithm: Prints Entry/Exit prices to execute on your own Account.
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